Pedalpalooza starts Thursday! Here are my rides.

18221667245_c62d246bc1_oWell just like that, it’s June, and that means Pedalpalooza, Portland’s annual three-ish week bike fun extravaganza, anywhere between 200 to 300 rides led by people. Like. You. I’ve led my share of PP rides every year since its inception in 2004, except for 2011 when I was out of town. Four events from me is the lightest load since the early days, but this year I wanted to scale things back and not overcommit and burn out. You may notice that I’ve front-loaded my events. This is to help with burnout factor, and free me up to do a spontaneous event or two later in the month…if I feel like it. (Rather than because I have to.)

It all starts out very early on Thursday June 4 at 5 am with the SUNRISE COFFEE CLUB at Rocky Butte. And what better way to start Pedalpalooza? Get up before the ass-crack of dawn and ride up a volcano to make coffee while watching the sun rise. Coffee and camaraderie guaranteed (byo coffee, water,and way to make coffee), sunrise is hoped for at 5:21.

Next up is a new one for me, the HEAVY DUTY: INDUSTRIAL BIKE TOUR on Sunday June 7 at 4:30 pm. Meet by the stone obelisk at Union Station. (Depart at 5) It will be a 6 mile or so tour around the NW Industrial Area on industrial bikes. Think American mid-century style balloon tire cruisers, like Schwinn Heavy Dutis or anything by Worksman, stuff you’d see on a factory floor. If you don’t have that kind of bike, ride what you got! We’ll have a beer stop or two, and end nearish where we start. Of course you know it’s going to be slow paced!

Then on Monday June 8 will be one of my faves, the COUNTRY BIKE RAMBLE, meeting at Kenilworth Park at 5 pm (Departs at 5:30). This will be a 15ish mile ramble exploring the “country” aspects in the city while riding “Country” bikes. Expect a good deal of gravel/dirt action, climbs (you can walk it if you have to), and places you didn’t think existed. We will end at Powell Butte for sunset and dinner. BYO food and/or stove, water, and libations. Ride a bike geared towards comfort, not speed, and one that can handle off-road elements. Moderate pace, no one left behind, not a loop.

Finally, we can’t forget the THREE SPEED RIDE! This will happen on Sunday June 21st, right after Sunday Parkways. Meet at Omaha Parkway, N Omaha Av at Ainsworth St (same spot as last year) at 4 pm. (Depart at 4 pm.) Bring your trusty three speed bicycle from any nation. Three speeds preferred but any bike welcome if you don’t have one. Casual paced ramble of approx 10 miles, fairly flat, with a little unpaved “rough stuff” action thrown in. We’ll have a picnic and tea brew up on the way, bring all the necessities like food, a teakettle and a camping stove. Ride not a loop, ends near transit and adult beverages.

Exciting, huh? Don’t forget, there’s about 250 other rides! Make sure you check out the full calendar for all the goods!


3 thoughts on “Pedalpalooza starts Thursday! Here are my rides.

  1. Off topic–Have you taken the front basket on Amtrak? I’ve been wondering if that would work out and am contemplating getting one of the 18 x 13″ baskets to make loading my bike a bit easier. Normally I tie them on with hemp twine which doesn’t take much time. I can see just carrying a set of snips in order to remove the basket from the rack when packing the bike and retying it after arrival.

    • I’ve done it. If you use the Cascades with the bike hooks, you don’t need to do anything. If you want to box it, you’ll need to get the basket off. That’s why basket-atop-rack is good.

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