Travel Notes: Homeward Bound


It’s around 9 am Central Time on Friday May 22nd. Right now I’m on the westbound Empire Builder train, heading through the vast flatness of North Dakota. Minot is our next stop. I wanted to post more on this trip, but several factors conspired against me: losing my power cords somewhere after Lake Pepin, a lack of internet connectivity, and most importantly too little time to sit down and write something!  So I’m going to be very brief, as I’ll be writing more extensively about the trip in the coming week or so, not to mention I have hundreds of photos to sort through!

In short, the trip went very well, even better than I initially expected! Yes, there were a few hiccups, there always is a few hiccups. But whatever. Lake Pepin was just as fun as last year and it was great seeing familiar faces. The weather mostly held out, another plus. The big thing this year was the “Quintuple Pass-Storm Challenge”, which I managed to complete, but lemme tell ya, that Maiden Rock summit is one bad you-know-what. And the three day three speed camping tour also was good despite a medical issue and temperatures cooler than hoped for. Pondero and I managed to ride 140 miles over mixed terrain with loaded three speeds. It can be done!

But all trips must end. I had fun in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and want to come back again. But I’m looking forward to getting back to the great old Pacific Northwest, and back to my regular life (and regular bed!) And after riding the Wayfarer for two weeks straight, it will be nice to ride the Crested Butte again! Pedalpalooza is just around the bend and there will be fun afoot. Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Travel Notes: Homeward Bound

  1. Glad you had a good trip. I was thinking the train ride home seems to be a great way to reflect on your holiday and transition back to home.

  2. It was great spending a few days with you, and yes, one can most certainly tour with a three speed. Thank you for designing (and refining on the fly) a wonderful route. Ironically, I had such a great time, I’ll probably miss Lake Pepin next year and use those four days of travel time on one or more local tours.

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