Travel Notes: Done with Minneapolis, now in Red Wing

I’m drinking pizza and eating beer in Red Wing. Minnesota. Just got here a few hours ago (thanks, Paul Z’s mom, for the ride!)

Four days in Minneapolis was good. Arrived Monday afternoon. Despite the Empire Builder being on schedule all the way to Minot, North Dakota, the train got in four hours late to St. Paul. Oh well. Wish I could have spent a bit more time, but that’s the way it goes. (Also wish that the weather was a bit better!) This was my sixth visit to the Twin Cities, so there wasn’t a lot of new things discovered. Still, its nice to get in some rides on the area’s numerous rail trails. Between those and the relative flatness of the area, I managed to ride about 45 miles a day without even trying! It was also good to visit old Portland friends like Buffalo Dave and Nickey Robo. And also good to sample the local beer! 😁

Now its the night before the Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour. While its going to be summer-like this weekend, there is a risk of thunderstorms both days, and as per the National Weather Service, “tornadoes are always a possibility.” Trying to not let the forecast dampen my spirits. The ride folks should start to show up soon.  And I’m ready!



2 thoughts on “Travel Notes: Done with Minneapolis, now in Red Wing

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