A mini report on the Train Day Ride, and eastbound.

As I said in the last post, leading a bike ride right before hopping on a train is a bit…irrational. It would have been more practical to leave on Sunday. But the big problem with that is that I only have so much vacation time, so leaving a day later would mean one less day in Minneapolis, and I can’t have that now, can I?

As it was, I was running later than I hoped, since I had to throw everything on my bike. I got to Union Station (with roommate Jon in tow) at about 10:50 am, about 30 people waiting for me. And even though going into the planning of this ride I had two cohorts/ride leaders, I was flyng solo, something I wasn’t hoping for. I do a bit about Portland and trains, but not as much as Dan or Sir Andrew!

Despite it all, the tour went well, with just a few hiccups. I talked up some of my favorite train-related spots like Union Station, Steel Bridge, Sullivan’s Gulch, the Bellrose/Oregon City Interurban Line, Brooklyn Yards, and Golf Junction. Seemed like everyone was having fun, though we steadily lost people as the ride progressed.

And while I could have checked some baggage before the ride started, since we started at Amtak, I decided to do the ride fully loaded. It wasn’t for cool points, but more to just test how the damn thing rode fully loaded! And it did okay. I definitely felt the added weight back there, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and I definitely got used to it after a while. I think I’ll do okay on the tour after all!

Now I’m on Amtrak’s Empire Builder, hurtling eastward through the dark eastern Washington night, Spokane in a bit, Minneapolis on Monday morning.





2 thoughts on “A mini report on the Train Day Ride, and eastbound.

  1. I was at Thunder Island Brewing in Cascade Lock Saturday evening with the CycleWild gang when the Empire Builder rolled through. Told everyone that you were on board and to wave. I’m sure you saw us waving from across the Columbia River in Washington. Have a great trip.

  2. Good luck on your vacation. Looking forward to your posts about vacation. 3 speeds rule simply, or is it 3 speeds simply rule?

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