Ramblin’ to Vancouver Lake

Wednesday May 27th had all the right ingredients for a ramble: A day off with no hard obligations, nice summerish weather, an urge to get out. Initially I had thought about a more ambitious ramble, something using the MAX and the westside suburbs, but after all the ambitious rambling last week in Minnesota and Wisconsin,... Continue Reading →

A Memorial Day Ramble

I had to work this Memorial Day Monday, as do I every Monday, but hey, I get holiday pay! And it was an interesting day at the hostel: We saw two German cyclotourists depart for Astoria. They had ridden up from San Francisco, partially on the coast (yes, yes, the wrong way), and partially via... Continue Reading →

How can I ever leave this place?

I just rolled back into Portland a couple hours ago. I've done many a two day trip on Amtrak in the last fifteen years, but it's still long, and my the final morning I'm itching to get off. Still, its always nice returning on the Empire Builder, since the return consists of the Columbia River... Continue Reading →

Travel Notes: Homeward Bound

It's around 9 am Central Time on Friday May 22nd. Right now I'm on the westbound Empire Builder train, heading through the vast flatness of North Dakota. Minot is our next stop. I wanted to post more on this trip, but several factors conspired against me: losing my power cords somewhere after Lake Pepin, a... Continue Reading →

Pepin Bound

Today, Saturday May 9th, I'll be boarding Amtrak's Empire Builder at 4:45 pm to head eastward to Minneapolis. Yes, this will be after leading a bike ride. Yes, I am crazy. I'll get to the Twin Cities on Monday morning, then spend a few days there before I head down to Red Wing to participate... Continue Reading →

How long to keep it going?

You may have noticed an absence of photos of the Crested Butte over the past couple weeks. That's because it's been in the shop. I brought it to Upcycles because I figured the freewheel was toast, and Kai confirmed it, so he was going to replace it. Simple? Not so. When he removed the wheel,... Continue Reading →

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