Stuff for sale: Bags and tires

Once again, it’s time for a parts purging. All items can be paid for via Paypal. Sorry, no checks in the mail, but I will (obviously) accept cash for pickups in Portland. Shipping not included, but (obviously) you’ll pay less for shipping if you buy multiple items. Please contact me at if you want to purchase any of these items or have more questions.

First up is the blue “hip pouch” or if you prefer, fanny pack, manufactured by North St. here in Portland. It’s a fine and functional li’l bag for on-the-road essentials. It’s served me well for years, and made it with me on the Cross-Continent Tour in 2011. The interior is one big pocket with two smaller pockets sewn in, and lined with with a waterproof material. The exterior is cordura. $20

Next is a small black shoulder bag made by Philosophy Bags, another Portland maker. The bag measures roughly 12″ x 9″ x 3″, comparable to a Rivendell Brand V Grabsack, and is made of canvas and leather. I’ve used it as a “day bag” for the last few years. It easily fits into a small Wald basket or a Carradice saddlebag. The strap (included) clips onto two rings, and without the strap the bag can be theoretically used as a pannier, using straps or clips to mount to a rack. (I’ve never tried it myself, but Philosophy made the bag with that thought in mind.) PLEASE NOTE: This bag is NOT waterproof. $20.

To note: both of the above bags are structurally sound, but show the wear, blemishes, and fading of years of use. I actually use the stuff I have, folks!

And finally, a set of tires: Continental Traffic tires, size 26″ x 2.1″ (54-559). These knobby tires are meant for mixed pavement and off-road, but designed more for on-street riding. I had them mounted to my Crested Butte for a few months, but found out I just don’t like them. Maybe several hundred miles of use, no flats, and yeah, a little dirty in that used knobby tire way. (Sorry!) $25 for the pair.

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