Sunset Burrito Club, 23 Feb 2015 (and spring weather in general)

2015-02-21 21.34.08Yeah, I realize that much of the country is under the grip of “actual winter”. I read accounts about “ice biking” and “frost biking“. I hear that Boston is under about several miles of snow. To these people living in those places, “spring” is an abstract concept.

But here in Portland (and greater Cascadia for that matter), it’s been spring already. I’ve gotten used to spring coming earlier than it did back in Connecticut, but mid-February is still abnormally early. The temperatures have consistently topped out above 50F/10C, and have reached 60F/16C and above seemingly more often than believable. We may have hit freezing a couple times this February, but no true frosts. And man, it’s been sunny! Though seemingly dry, we’ve managed to stay at just about our average precipitation for the season, since we got some really rainy days. (Snowpack has suffered due to the warmth, though.)

Of course, it’s not always this way. While the west-of-Cascades Northwest is heaps more temperate than most of the country, it’s generally cooler in February, staying closer to 50F . And damper. And while this has probably been the mildest, dryest-feeling late winter we’ve had here in a long time, last year’s winter was the coldest since 1972, where we tied that year’s cold record of 12F/-11C and didn’t see 60F until April. We also got a significant snow last year, this year, none.

I’ve been trying to enjoy this springlike weather as much as possible. It’s hard not to when everything is in bloom. And for all I know, we could have a really damp April or something. And nothing says enjoying the outdoors like a Sunset Burrito Club, eh? So on Monday night, I headed over to “the spot”, burrito in basket. I missed the actual sunset by a few minutes, but got the afterglow. People happily rode their bikes by on North Willamette Blvd. Happy dogs and happy people frolicked in the horseshoe below. All this in February. And summer is still months away…

2 thoughts on “Sunset Burrito Club, 23 Feb 2015 (and spring weather in general)

  1. The weather has been the same in Seattle, with strings of sunny, dry days. It has been fantastic for biking, but the snowpack is 39% of normal, so no skiing and water will be an issue this summer.

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