Reminder: Three Speed Gathering this Saturday! (Plus updated info!)

Society Of Three Speeds

Hello friends of SoTS! Do I even need to remind you of the Three Speed Get-Together that is happening this Saturday, January 31st? No, it should have been written on your calendar in bold capital letters with a red sharpie!

But anyways, I hope to see those of you who CAN make it at Velo Cult in the happenin’ Hollywood District of Portland, Oregon (1969 NE 42nd Ave) from 5 to 8 pm. You do not need to be a member of Society of Three Speeds to be there, but you should bring your three speed!

The gathering will be pretty informal, EXCEPT at seven o’ clock, when I will do announcements, prizes, and giveaways! A bit more details:

  • I will announce the date of the first Three Speed Ride! I will not announce it any earlier than 7 pm, so don’t ask.
  • (Well, if you need to know because…

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