First 2015 event postcards went out Tuesday…

…and maybe you got one?

It’s too late to get one for my first event of 2015, the Palm Tree Ride. They all went out on Tuesday, and I didn’t even have one to spare!

But there will be more events in 2015, and more postcards. There is still time to get the next one. And what do you have to do?

Simply send me a postcard!

Some details:

  • It doesn’t matter if you are in the Portland metro area or not, I will send you a postcard when I create one for an event. But you do have to be in the United States, as postage to any international destination is too prohibitive. (I will consider international postage if you are willing to contribute to a postage fund.)
  • Please include your name and postal address on the postcard and say that you want to be part of the postcard club. You can include your email, but please do not just provide an email and expect me to make the extra step of emailing you to get your postal address.
  • I don’t always create a flyer/postcard for every event I do.
  • Right now for 2015 this service is FREE as I test it out. So the postage is on my dime, so to speak. But I may re-evaluate that, either next year or later this year and make this a paid thing. If you are interested in contributing to the postage fund, let me know.

So send those postcards!


P O BOX 14185

PORTLAND OR 97293-01852015-01-06 16.47.27


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