The Eleventh and Final Palm Tree Ride, Saturday 17 January

Hello all! I’ve been doing the annual Palm Tree Ride since 2005, longer than the blog itself has existed! Whoo! And the ten year mark is a good a time as ever to hang up the hat, so to speak. I’m not saying that I’ll never do a palm-themed ride again (never say never), but I’m also not one to keep on doing things just because they are “tradition” and my enthusiasm for this ride has waned over the years.

So what I’m saying is: if you haven’t done a palm tree ride yet, but always wanted to go, this year is the year!

The 2015 installment will happen on Saturday 17 January. We will meet at Five Points Coffee, 3551 SE Division (at 35th Place) at 11 am. Some pertinent notes:

  • Please come inside. I’ll be talking about stuff first. It’s so much nicer to hear me talk for like ten minutes inside a warm place with coffee in hand. Please purchase something if you can, Chris, the owner of Five Points is my former room-mate who has graciously let me start the ride here, and they make a mean cup of coffee!
  • Speaking of Five Points: Up until just about yesterday it was known as Coffee Division, (and Chris is/was the owner) so your Google Maps may not show the new name. Do not worry, it is indeed here!
  • We should be departing sometime after 11:30 am.
  • The ride is going to touch upon some of the classic spots of the ride over the years, including many stops from the first ride in 2005.
  • This ride is going to be in the ten mile length. While I understand that you may have other stuff to do, it’s always nice to stick to the end.
  • This ride is NOT A LOOP, but will end near transit.
  • And the ride will end somewhere we can get adult/non-adult beverages. (And is even family friendly!) It’s always a good thing to stick around for the social after-ride stuff than dash off to catch up episodes of Fourth Doctor era Doctor Who. (Yes, he’s going to offer someone jelly babies.)

Alright! Are you coming?



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