Back home…

Well folks, the trip is done. A nice little three-plus day jaunt to Vancouver. I feel pretty refreshed, though an eight hour train ride always feels longer when you have to get up at 4 am.

I’ve pretty much said what I wanted to say in the postcard reports, except I didn’t mention the group ride I briefly partook in on Thursday night, a regular Thursday ride. It was fun for the few moments I was on it, but I was a bit anxious about the bike (two flats in a row, then adjustment problems always makes me anxious) and I didn’t want to find myself many kilometres from downtown Vancouver at a late hour with the early wake-up. I almost didn’t go on the ride, and probably shouldn’t have, but I felt it better to regret something I had done than I hadn’t done. (And I thought a few people I knew were going to be there, but they weren’t.)

Anyways, since it is the new year, sometime in the next week I should have a lovely post with thoughts about 2014 and hopes for 2015. See you soon!



2 thoughts on “Back home…

  1. I don’t recall you describing your lodging arrangements. There doesn’t seem to be enough baggage for multiple nights camping in those chilly temps. Did I miss that? Or could you add some details and tips?

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