Heading north of the 49th for New Years

New Years is just around the corner. And my annual tradition since New Year 2007 is to high-tail it out of Portland. My New Years before that were always at best “eh”, and I figured that getting away from the all-too-familiar was a good idea. And I’m not about to change that any year soon!

I’ve gone to a variety of places since initiating this tradition:

  • 2007-8: Out to the Columbia River Gorge (Hood River/Bingen/White Salmon) for a solitary holiday.
  • 2009:  Vancouver, BC to house-sit for a friend.
  • 2010: A yurt at Nehalem Bay on the Oregon Coast (the first New Years with April)
  • 2011-13: Stub Stewart State Park cabins with a group of people
  • 2014: Seattle

I weighed the options: Do I want a secluded solitary setting, or a city? A city won out, so it would have to be relatively easy to get to,* since I’ll only have three full days off from work. I did Seattle last New Years and have already been up there twice since then. Eugene doesn’t excite me for three days (or even two), nor would Olympia. I pondered briefly somewhere left-field like Spokane, but then finally decided on Vancouver.** I haven’t been up there since my birthday weekend in August of 2013. I really like Vancouver, and didn’t enjoy my last trip as much as I wanted to, mostly because the break-up with April was pretty fresh.

So now I will be up there again! I’ll be heading up on the train on Monday December 29 and will get in late that evening. I’ll be up there for the full days of Tuesday December 30, Wednesday December 31, and Thursday January 1st. Then I take the train back on the morning of Friday January 2nd.

Of course I’ll be bringing my bike! This time I’ll bring my trusty three-speed, the Raleigh Wayfarer. It would be nice to go on a three-speed ride with some other fine folks, if said folks are around. I may try a Coffee Outside/Sunrise Coffee while I’m there. Details to come (if there are details!) Maybe I’ll see some of you fine folks there?scienceworld

*And I don’t like flying, so that weighs out going to San Francisco or something like that.

**I realize I haven’t been to Victoria since 2009, and a trip there is long-overdue. The problem is there are more logistics involved getting over there, especially in the winter. If I had more than three days, I’d go.


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