Yet another landslide…and travel frustrations.

Hello friends. Today is the day that I leave for Vancouver for the New Year holiday. I'll be boarding an Amtrak Cascades train a little before 3pm, which will whisk me away to the Terminal City. Or at least that's how it should happen. I learned Sunday night that there is a landslide on the... Continue Reading →

Urban Adventure League postcard club!

If you've been around here long enough, you know I like leading bicycle rides and walks. And I also like making flyers and art to promote those events. I used to be pretty good about flyering around Portland, but not so much anymore. But I still like "getting the word out" via paper. So I've... Continue Reading →

A new coat of paint

Hello, regular readers! Since many of you may be reading my posts via WordPress reader or some other RSS feed, I just wanted to let you know I changed the theme on the blog. While the old theme/look was serviceable, it wasn't that exciting, something I picked out quickly about a year before the WordPress... Continue Reading →

A Tuesday eramblee

I had the two days before Christmas off. (Yes, I worked on Christmas.) Originally I had hoped to pull of a pre-Xmas camping trip like we did last year. But this year there didn't seem to be the enthusiasm to do it, and the weather forecast looked iffy.* I didn't feel like having a solo... Continue Reading →

Camp and Trek book

If you know me well enough or have spent enough time around here, you know that I did old books about bicycles and camping. Here's a book I got earlier this year called "Camp and Trek" written by Jack Cox and published by Lutterworth Press, London UK, 1956. This book was intended as a guide for... Continue Reading →

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