Gauging Interest: A winterish get together?

Society Of Three Speeds

As you’ve read here previously, the last official Three Speed Ride of the year happened on October 11th. I don’t intend on having another “official” ride until March 2015, probably. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a three-speed social activity!

I’m thinking of having an informal Three-Speed Get-Together sometime this winter. It would be on a Sunday evening at a place we can get adult beverages and food. Just an open night of people who enjoy this humble bicycle.

I’m guessing sometime in January would be good. We could even do another one in February, too. (I’d say we could even do one sooner, but once the “holiday season” starts, it gets a little tough to do these types of things.)

So, what do you fine folks think? While I welcome comments from everyone, I’m most interested in those folks in the Portland area, those who would be able…

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