Daylight Saving

Saturday November 1st. The last day of Daylight Savings Time. I’m not one to complain about DST, and mostly appreciate the extension of the savings in both spring and fall. But right now is when I want it to end. The last few weeks have meant waking up and commuting to work while it’s still dark out. While I realize that once we close in on Solstice, it’s going to be the same dark commutes to work for a little bit, that’s still a month or so down the road.*

If anything, the end of Daylight Savings truly signifies autumn here in Portland. And appropriately enough, it’s been feeling fall-like. It didn’t rain today (a nice relief right now), but it was cool this morning. It was the first time I broke out a scarf this season, and it helped, along with the wool gloves. It’s going to be damp the rest of the week, but it looks like it’s going to clear up next weekend (if the long-range forecast holds.) That would be nice, as I’m going out to the coast then.

And another reason why it feels like fall: the leaves are finally changing! Well, they’ve been changing here and there in October, but November is when we really see color. In Portland the trees bloom earlier and change color later than Back East, as much as a month on either end. While most other areas of the country are past peak foliage, we’re just getting there. (And we’re above 45 north too!)

To celebrate, I took a little ride through Laurelhurst Park after work. All the deciduous trees were showing color, but the grove in the SE section of the park was particularly spectacular.

Soon the leaves will be off the trees and the days miniscule. And the march towards spring will begin again.

*Sunrise on Winter Solstice is 7:48 am, and I have to be to work most mornings at 8.


4 thoughts on “Daylight Saving

  1. I’m the complete opposite. I think we should stay on DST year around. Especially this far north where it will be dark before 5pm come December. Basically this far north there just isn’t much light in the winter and it all comes down to where you want to place those few daylight hours on the clock.

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