Three Speed Teaneuring Ride No. 4, 29 October 2014

Man, what a wet weather cycle we’ve been in this October. From about the second week of October until now (and after now, too), the forecast is pretty much rain. There may be breaks in there, but overall the plan is to expect rain. Once again, my plans for getting “one last camping trip in” before…before…hell, I don’t even remember before what anymore! Anyways, I hope to maybe get a tent camping trip in sometime in November if I’m lucky, and there’s a couple yurt/cabin expeditions ahead, but bike camping season is truly over, yeah.

Anyways, Wednesday October 29 was my one day off with decent weather. I actually hoped to get a good ride in, but because I sold a bike around noon, that plan was put on hold. (Nothing wrong with selling a bike, mind you.) But I still needed to get my weekly Coffeeneuring Ride in. Since I already had two cups o’ coffee by the point in the day I left the house for the ride (2 pm-ish), I decided to make this another teaneauring ride. But to keep it interesting, I decided to use some classier loose-leaf tea, an English Breakfast from Jasmine Pearl. I’d prepare it using a French Press. (Yes, yes, English tea in a French press.) And to boil the water, I’d use an Esbit setup, but one different than I used previously, an integrated pot/stand that can boil about a pint of water.

Oh yeah, and a different bike! This time I pulled out the Raleigh Wayfarer, so yep, it’d be a three-speed teaneuring adventure!*

The destination was an easy one: Arbor Lodge Park in North Portland, about two miles from my house. I got there, and set up the operation while moosemoose supervised. Of course for a three-speed teaneuring adventure, I needed an appropriate mug, so one with an exploded Sturmey-Archer AW hub would do!

Soon enough the water was ready. I added it to the tea leaves, steeped for about five minutes, and then enjoyed the tea while I read a book. (I don’t do enough of that these days.)

Then it was done. Off to do some errands and see a slideshow about the Idaho Hot Springs mountain bike route, while taking a quick pause at Dead Madrona Tree Hill.


  • Destination: Arbor Lodge Park, N Bryant St just east of Greeley Ave
  • Bike: 1970s Raleigh Wayfarer three-speed
  • Length of ride: about 2 miles one-way
  • Coffee tea prepared by: French Press
  • Type of coffee tea: Twinings English Breakfast loose-leaf
  • Stove used: Esbit

*Yes, please tell me that the three-speed teaneuring ride should have been the third installment of the series.

5 thoughts on “Three Speed Teaneuring Ride No. 4, 29 October 2014

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  1. I’ve French pressed tea before and it works pretty well. If you’re a regular coffee drinker, but part-time tea drinker this method means you can get away without a tea ball or tea filters. Seems like the best of both worlds to me!

  2. Never! Bike camping season is never over! heh. It just gets more wet. And cold. Okay, and slightly less pleasant at times;) But over, never!! 🙂

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