An errandonee to the Swedish Shopping Embassy

Sometimes ya gotta do adult world stuff. Like purchase household items. A new shower curtain here, a new pillow there, a clothes drying rack somewhere over there. Of course there are many places to purchase said goods in a city like Portland (hello, Fred Meyer!) but sometimes it's just better to go to the Swedish... Continue Reading →

Chehalem Range Ramble Report: 22 November 2014

Let it be stated for the record: I am not a morning person. Oh, I try to be, but I'm not. So I always marvel at Super Randonneurs and other Early Morning Cyclists, those who can drag themselves out of bed at some ungodly hour (before the sun rises, of course) and get out there... Continue Reading →

A Chehalem Range Ramble, Sat 22 Nov 2014

Just a reminder: this is happening SATURDAY! Weather is not as good as I hoped it would, but it could be worse. Expect temps around 50F and some rain. PLEASE RSVP ME if you are intending on going! You can just leave a comment to RSVP.

Urban Adventure League

I’ve been thinking about doing a grander ramble that is still easily accessible to the Portland Metro Area (read: can start/end by transit) for awhile. I managed to snag Saturday November 22nd off from work, so what better time than then?

This ramble explores the backroads of Washington and Yamhill Counties, west and south of Portland proper. The big feature of the ride is the Chehalem Range, a small mountain range running northwest-southeast in the greater Willamette Valley, dividing the Tualatin and Yamhill Valleys. The ride will go up and over the range twice, hitting up the highest point in the mountain range, Bald Peak at 1,629 ft (497 m).

The ride mostly follows quiet country roads, with a decent amount of dirt/gravel and some pretty good climbs over the Chehalem Range. Supplies can be picked up in the start in Hillsboro. We’ll also pass through Gaston which has a store and cafe…

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This one goes to eleven.

I tell ya, sometimes living in Portland gets me down. The rising price of housing, the threat of a Cascadia Subduction earthquake, the TV show Portlandia, and lack of Dunkin' Donuts. It adds up. But sometimes, sometimes living in Portland can be great. And Sunday reminded me of Portland's greatness. Portland has had a great... Continue Reading →

More stuff with the Heavy Duti.

Ah yes, the Heavy Duti! I haven't really talked about the Schwinn Heavy Duti here  since I purchased it in the beginning of October. That's because it languished in the basement for most of October as I was focused on other things. But over the past couple weeks, I've had a number of things done... Continue Reading →

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