“Coffeeneuring” Ride, Week Three: Overlook Park, 21 October 2014

Well, it’s become apparent that this October is different than last October. We had a really good and dry October last year (preceded by an unusually wet September), this year it’s been a lot wetter. Not every day, mind you, but it’s been a bit harder to find “good” days. I’m glad that I went camping two weeks ago, because the last two weeks haven’t been good camping weather. It’s been pouring out today (about an inch and a half so far) and the rains are in the forecast for the indefinite future. So much for getting in another camping trip this month.

Anyways, I had Tuesday off, so it was one of my weekend days. It wasn’t raining yet, just a bit blustery, so I knew I needed to get out of the house ASAP to attempt Coffeeneuring Ride 3. Since I had to run a few errands in the area, I decided on Overlook Park in North Portland as the destination. Overlook offers a great view of the city (hence: Overlook) and as a bonus, there’s a covered picnic shelter if the weather went south.* I decided to bring the Trangia 27 set, aka the “stormcooker” set, as it is capable of handling the wind. Plus, there’s a kettle, which came in handy since I was going to drink tea instead of coffee. Yes, teaneurring!

Everything went off without a hitch. The Trangia boiled the water just fine, and I enjoyed my Twinings English Breakfast tea while eating a little lunch. And it didn’t rain!


  • Destination: Overlook Park, N Interstate Ave at Fremont
  • Bike: 1984 Raleigh Crested Butte
  • Length of ride: about 3.5 miles one-way
  • Coffee tea prepared by: Boiling some water. Duh.
  • Type of coffee tea: Twinings English Breakfast
  • Stove used: Trangia 27 set avec kettle

*Actually, the weather was coming in from the south.

2 thoughts on ““Coffeeneuring” Ride, Week Three: Overlook Park, 21 October 2014

  1. Funny – I work in the weird little Kaiser building across the col de sac and saw your rig in Overlook Park on Tuesday then discovered your blog independently the same week. I have officially self-indoctrinated into the Urban Adventure League. We need badges, maybe even capes.

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