Sunset Burrito Club, 16 Oct 2014

After a few days of rain, Thursday October 16 turned out to be a nice fall day: sunny, high 70F/21C. With the rain supposed to return on Friday, the mantra became clear: Get it in while you can. Nice weather will soon be a thing of the past. Lollygagging outside will not be pleasurable in another month. And hell, I didn’t really feel like cooking tonight anyway.

I got home from work, deposited a few things, grabbed a few others, stopped to get a burrito at Azteca, stopped at Plaid to get a beer, and headed over to the usual spot: The horseshoe curve on N Willamette Blvd along the bluffs above the Willamette. I got there just about 20 minutes before sunset, just in time. OPB provided the news of the day while I munched on my burrito and quaffed a beer. Goose Island 312 in a can. This is the first time I purchased this Chicago beer in Portland, they must have just made inroads. Appropriately enough, I’m consuming a Goose Island with Swan Island beneath me.

Soon the sun had set, the burrito eaten, the beer drunk. Onward through the streets of North Portland towards home on this beautiful October night. Get it in while I can.


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