Coffeeneuring Ride, Week Two: Fresh Pot, 15 October 2014

Last week my “weekend” consisted of nice weather. This week my “weekend”, Tuesday and Wednesday, consisted of crappy weather. This along with the want/need to do projects at home, did not lend itself to anything epic when it comes to Coffeeneuring. But Coffeeneuring doesn’t always need to be epic, right?

On Wednesday, October 15, I left the house and walked over to UpCycles on NE Dekum in the heart of Woodlawn to pick up the Crested Butte. Then I rode over to N Mississippi where I could not only pick up a basket for the Butte at North Portland Bikeworks, but I could pick up a coffee at the Fresh Pot!

The Fresh Pot is one of Portland’s long-standing “good” coffee shops, around since 1997. At one time it was considered one of the “hippest” shops in town, but since we’re overrun with twee pretentious coffee establishments, this is no longer the case. Sure, it is still a damn fine coffee shop, but you know how the whole buzz thing works. The Fresh Pot has always had a special place in my heart. I got to know it when I worked next door to the Hawthorne location in 2002. I really got to know the employees and owners since I went over there like twice a day (and many of the workers were customers at my shop as well.) Got to know them well enough that I got invited to their special five-year anniversary party at the N Mississippi location that year.* If I was one of those kinds of people, I’d mention the fact that all three members of Sleater-Kinney showed up to that party as well. But I’m not one of those kinds of people.**

Anyways, you probably get the point that there’s a bit of history with me and the Fresh Pot. But I haven’t been in here in ages. Still, when I went to the WC, I noticed that there is still a tfr Industries sticker on the old towel dispenser, visible beneath layers of newer stickers. I probably put it up in 2002 or 3, yeeps! Also visible is an old North Portland Bikeworks sticker from approximately the same era. Ironically enough, I’m working on their new sticker as we speak.

I got a cup of house coffee in my Klean Kanteen thermos and rode off into the misty October afternoon.

COFFEENEURING RIDE TWO, Wednesday 15 October 2014

  • Destination: Fresh Pot, N Mississippi Ave at N Shaver St
  • Bike: 1984 Raleigh Crested Butte
  • Length of ride: 5 mile “round-trip”
  • Coffee prepared by: I’m guessing either French Press or one of those industrial Bunn coffee makers.
  • Type of coffee: Stumptown!

*It’s amazing that in almost 20 years, they’ve only grown to three locations. Besides the two mentioned, there’s one downtown.

**If you have to ask, Sleater-Kinney were one of the biggest alt-bands to come out of Portland.*** Sleater-Kinney featured Carrie Brownstein,**** now better known as the woman behind the TV show Portlandia. If you want to piss off a Portlandite, please ask us if we’ve heard of the show, and then if Portland is like the show.

***Yes, please tell me that they formed in Olympia.

****Also to note: Carrie Brownstein was also a customer at my shop, along with drummer Janet Weiss.


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