Upcoming Walk: The Stairways of Alameda Ridge, Sunday 26 October

A stairway on the Alameda Ridge. Photo by wikipedia user Axcordion. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Axcordion

Hello, all! Walktober is once again on us, three weeks of walking fun around Portland! And once again, I’m going to lead a walk. (Yes, I’ve done this in the past!) I always try to do something different for walks, something that isn’t as fun with bikes. And that’s stairs. This walk is centered around the them of the public stairways of the Alameda Ridge. Hope you can join us!

The stairways of the Alameda Ridge.
Sunday, October 26
Meet at 4, leave at 4:30 pm.
Meet At:
Case Study Coffee Roasters
5347 NE Sandy Blvd

The Alameda Ridge is a glacial feature running through Northeast. There are many stairways along the ridge, many built during the streetcar era when people on the ridge needed easy access to the lower lands to catch transit or just to shop. Many of them are tucked away between houses, and are not easy to spot, at least if you aren’t looking. We’ll follow the ridge and explore as many of these staircases as we can! Please note that we’ll be out a little after dark, and we’ll end at a spot where we can get food and adult beverages.

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