REMINDER: Three Speed Ride TOMORROW, Sat 11Oct!

Society Of Three Speeds

15498000775_3d5e94f74e_oHello people!

I don’t know why I should be reminding you of this, since you should have had Saturday October 11th blocked out on your calendar a long, long time ago! But yes, this Saturday is our last Three Speed Ride for 2014! (Unless I decide there’s another one, of course.) While the weather forecast had been frightful for the weekend, it’s looking to shape up to be okay, a 20% chance of showers and a high of 69F/20C. Still, it would be unwise to leave the house without your waxed cotton poncho!
The pertinent details again:
  • Meet at the foot of the Paul Bunyan statue in the Kenton neighborhood, N Denver and Interstate Avenues (near N Argyle St). We’ll start meeting at 10 am, and depart at 10:30 am sharp! Don’t be late! (You really don’t get any points for showing up before 10, so keep that in mind.)

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