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Summer drags itself out to the bitter end

It seems a bit funny to complain about summer becoming an unwanted guest, especially someone like myself who loves summer. But complain I will. And this past summer has been a very hot one. While we didn’t have too many big heatwaves, we had lots of 90F and above days, and quite a bit of warm nights too. Too hot. I don’t mind temps up to 85F, but most of July and August had temps at least 85F or higher.

And you’d figure September would be better, but no. By now we should have seen some cooling, and a general trend of highs in the 70s. And a little rain. We did see some rain on Wednesday and Thursday, but barely anything. And the heat came right back. Saturday September 20th, the high hit 94F (34C). Ninety-four degrees Fahrenheit! I heard this is the latest in the season we’ve had a 90 degree day. Sunday saw a slight cooling, only 87F. Only. Monday will be 78F and Tuesday, which is the true beginning of Autumn, 76F. Full on summer temps until the very last day of summer.

15117464268_e7ffb87fa8_kIt’s too damn hot to be indoors, so on Saturday night I opted to cook dinner outside. Farragut Park is always a good location: shady, secret, next to the railway tracks, and about 1/2 mile from my house. And the Vancouver Avenue Viaduct over the UP tracks affords great views of four volcanoes: Rainier, Saint Helens, Adams, and Hood. If it’s clear. And while 94F generally means “clear”, it was not, as the air was filled with smoke from the 36 Pitt forest fire, about 25 miles SE of here. Actually, there’s two forest fires burning on the fringes of the metro area. Two. That’s another reason why folks are eagerly awaiting autumn’s rains: so the fires would go out. Until then, the mountains are shrouded by smoke.

And the rain sounds like it’ll be back Tuesday night. Not a moment too soon.

Of course, come December I’ll be complaining about the rain…

2 thoughts on “Summer drags itself out to the bitter end”

  1. I agree with your feelings about Sept. weather. Maybe we should mount our trusty steeds and ride to Arizona about Nov. or Dec. Dry, warm weather there most of the time. Oh, yeah, I forgot about work….
    Ok then how ’bout some hikes in the coast range.

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