Three Speed Ride: Saturday October 11

As promised, full details on the upcoming Three Speed Ride happening on Saturday October 11, 2014!

  • Meet at the foot of the Paul Bunyan statue in the Kenton neighborhood, N Denver and Interstate Avenues (near N Argyle St). We’ll start meeting at 10 am, and depart at 10:30 am sharp! Don’t be late!
  • The Paul Bunyan statue is conveniently located right across the street from the Kenton stop on the MAX light rail (yellow line.) If you are travelling from within the Portland metro area, I urge you to either ride or take transit to the start point. If travelling from outside the Portland metro area, there is generally ample street parking around the Kenton business district.
  • This will be the first time I will institute the “three speeds only” rule. And I’ll loosely define “three speed” as any internally geared hub between two and five speeds, basically, any type of IGH you could get before 1975. No single speeds, no internally-geared hubs with more than five speeds, and of course, no derailleurs. This applies to everyone, even if you are a member of SoTS, sorry. (I’ll make the small exception to Bromptons that have a three speed hub with two speed derailleur, with the caveat that you can’t use that derailleur.) I’ll still do at least one “open to all” Three Speed Ride a year, though (and we’ve already had two “open class” rides this year!)
  • The ride itself will be about 25 or so miles, a ramble around the peninsula of North Portland. The route of course is a secret, but we will end up close to the start point this time. Plan to spend the better part of the day on the ride. While 25 or so miles isn’t particularly long, this is a social affair with ample stops.
  • We will have a picnic/tea stop somewhere along the middle of the ride. Please be prepared by departure for this and have your foods, stoves, and anything else ready. We will probably not have a “store stop” before the picnic.
  • We’ll end at a spot where we can enjoy adult beverages.
  • And don’t start the ride on an empty stomach! I plan on having an ample breakfast in the Kenton neighborhood around 8:30 am. Are you interested? Please RSVP me by Thursday October 9th.

OK! Hope you can join us for what probably will be the last Three Speed Ride of 2014!

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