The return of the Wayfarer, or Wayfarer 2.0

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15007097247_4894a78022_kHello friends. If you’ve paid enough attention to my blogs or photostreams, you’ve probably noticed that my Raleigh Wayfarer, my beloved three-speed, has not been seen nor mentioned for quite some time. Yes, this is true. I haven’t even had the bike over the better part of six months! But it is back, and it’s better than ever.

Introducing: Wayfarer 2.0!

So what’s the scoop? Why the change? Why did it take so long?

The genesis of Wayfarer 2.0 started late last year, when Rick/Gutterbunny Bikes informed me he was going to get into bike painting and needed appropriate guinea pigs. And I volunteered. While the old Wayfarer paint passed the “100 foot test”, on closer inspection one would noticed all the scratches, the mismatched fenders, the different colored fork, and the scortch marks where the seatstay was reattached to the frame. I had gotten sick of looking at the…

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