Sunset/Moonrise Burrito Club, 8 September 2014

Oh sure, I’ve done a score of Sunset Burrito Club adventures. But they’ve all been solo endeavors.* So planning one out as a social ride weeks in advance was a new thing. And the idea was that it would be a sunset and moonrise viewing spot, since the full moon was Monday September 8. And a full moon always rises right after the sun sets. So a good spot to watch both would be something sticking out into the Columbia River. Something like Ricky Point, obviously.

Of course, most people didn’t know that I’d be leading them to Ricky Point, since I didn’t tell them. And most people wouldn’t know where Ricky Point is anyway. (For those following at home, it’s an obscure point at the very east edge of Tomahawk Island.) So at 6:30 a group of eight (two stayed behind because “their friends weren’t there yet”) rode five miles from Acapulco Grill at N Lombard and Albina down to “the point”.

And the sunset and moonrise delivered. The day started cloudy, so I was a bit worried that the set/rise would be whited out by clouds. But everything cleared up. And we were treated to a spectacular rising of the harvest moon over the Columbia River.

Soon, darkness descended and everyone took off. Hopefully next month the weather will be good enough on the full moon to try something like this again!

*Except once during Pedalpalooza. I posted that I’d be doing it 90 minutes before it was going to happen. Of course, no one showed up.**

**And if you say, “Well, of course no one was going to show up”, I posted the Sunrise Coffee for the first day of Pedalpalooza one day before that was to happen and got five other people to show up. And this is like at 5:30 am ten miles from anything.


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