Save the Date: Next Three Speed Ride, Saturday October 11th!

Society Of Three Speeds

Yes, it’s time to get excited about the next (and probably last) Three Speed Ride for 2014! Full details will be posted soon, but here’s what you should know:

  • It will happen in the morning on Saturday October 11th
  • Start location will be in North Portland
  • It’s going to be the longest ride yet, a day ride that will be somewhere around 25-30 miles in length
  • This one is going to be restricted to hub geared bicycles between 2 and 5 gears. Sorry, no single speeds, hub geared bikes with more than 5 speeds, or derailleur-geared bikes. (We’ll grant a special exception to Bromptons that have a three speed with a two speed derailleur on top of it. But you can’t use the derailleur!)

More details to come very soon. Hope you can make it!14787706849_7512518e10_k

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