A brief update.

Welcome to September! It’s been a busy time around these parts, as I try to squeeze as much life out of this waning summer as humanly possible. Either I’m on a trip or in between trips until late September. I just got back from my Labor Day trip to the coast. I still need to write that up (and finish uploading photos, you can see what I have right now over here), plus (plus!) final thoughts on my Islands-Sound Trip in August.

Some other stuff that happened recently:

  • On Sunday August 24, after the SE Sunday Parkways, I led a Ramble to a Bike Camp Cookout. This was a fairly low turnout event, as it was just myself, Vince, and John? Mike? Seems like most people forgot about this one, though there were a few more people heading for my ride that just missed the departure by like two minutes. Anyways, we had a fun romp ’round SE and NE, using some sneak routes that I haven’t employed on a ride since last year. We ended up at Farragut Park in North Portland and had a nice dinner.
  • On Tuesday August 26, myself and Chris “Fool” McCraw led the annual pizza ride. We just had about twenty riders. The route started in inner SE and rambled round SE and NE for over ten miles, hitting up five pizzerias: Sizzle Pie, Atlas, East Glisan, Rocket, and Good Neighbor. Because I’m me, I made sure that I spiced up the ride to either the amusement and/or annoyance of the participants. This included trivia, no-prizes, and sections of sketchy gravel after dark. (Thankfully, no one got hurt this time.)
  • On Wednesday August 27, I went to a presentation at the Apple Store about Slow Roll Detroit, the Motor City’s big weekly ride with attendance in the thousands. Founder Jason Hall was on hand to talk about the creation and evolution of the ride, and how it’s been affecting positive change in town. Because it’s at the Apple Store, there was a bit of “sales talk” as Jason talks about the iPad apps he uses to organize, manage, and promote the event. But regardless of this, it was inspiring to see what cool things were going down.

Okay, back to work for me. See y’all soon!


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