Ramble and Camp Cookout, Sunday August 24

What are you doing after SE Sunday Parkways next Sunday, August 24? What? Just going home? Don’t do something silly like that! Not when there’s the two-fer of a Ramble plus a Bike Camp Cookout directly after the ride!

Meet at Coe Circle, 3900 NE Glisan St (By the Joan of Arc.)
Sunday August 24
Meet up at 4, leave by 4:30pm

Let’s finish Sunday Parkways with a fun ramble of about 10 miles. A meandering mix of paved and unpaved, flat and unflat, etc. You will be rewarded with some nice scenery and weird shit. Ride about 10 miles total. At the end we’ll have a Bike Camp Cookout in a park. Please note: camping stove required, not a grill/hibachi. No dehydrated/”instant” meals that you bought at REI. (Don’t worry, we’re stopping at a market on the way.) Moderate pace, not a loop, may not be “kid cargo bike” friendly. If you show up in lycra, you buy everyone beer.

2 thoughts on “Ramble and Camp Cookout, Sunday August 24

  1. Love the last sentence!

    By the way, as someone who’d like to grow his camp cooking skills, I’d appreciate some details on what people come up with in the food department.

    • I used to say something like “lycra will not be tolerated”, mostly to let people know that it’s “not that kind of ride”. Then it got mentioned on Bikeportland, and, as anything with Bikeportland articles, the commenters went after it, so I changed it a bit. See, I’m not being “discriminatory”! 😉

      Last time around people made some good camping dishes!

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