Heading to the Coast, Cape Lookout to be exact.

Summer must be ending, because I'm getting so many bike adventures in before it's done. I managed to snag this weekend off from work! For those of you outside the United States, this is a big deal, as it is the Labor Day long holiday weekend (Saturday-Monday), traditionally considered "the end of summer" here, though... Continue Reading →

Islands and Sound Tour: Photos are all up, finally!

Yes, friends, I've been behind. I've been busy, and to be honest, haven't had much energy/ambition when it comes to blogging as of late. But I finally got all the photos up from the Islands and Sound Tour from a couple weeks ago. Check out the full set over on flickr. I should have a... Continue Reading →

A review on a trio of Dorcy lanterns

Ask anyone who has done both, and they will tell you that there's a difference between bike camping and car camping.* The biggest difference is that a bike camper is generally more concerned about the overall weight and bulk of gear, whereas a car camper can stuff loads of large and bulky items even in... Continue Reading →

Pizza Ride 2014: Tuesday August 26

We skipped it during Pedalpalooza. But it demands to be done. So next week, on Tuesday August 26th, Chris and myself are hosting this year's Pizza Ride. This ride is limited to 24 riders (and there is only 15 spots left as I write this!) And it requires registration. Full details and registration over here:... Continue Reading →

Islands and Sounds tour quick recap

Hey there, friends. So now I'm back in Portland, after wrapping up the tour. I would have liked to blog along the way, but spotty wifi/3G, lack of time/places to charge the phone, and just lack of time for these things meant it didn't happen. I'll be getting my thoughts together in a more coherent... Continue Reading →

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