Sunset Burrito Club at Ricky Point (16 July 2014)

Yes, yes, I have done a number of Sunset Burrito Clubs since spring. But they all happen at “the spot”: the Horseshoe Curve on N Willamette Blvd, overlooking Swan Island. A nice spot, yes. But I wanted something different this time. I wanted more water. And this was important: it reached 91F/33C on Wednesday July 16th. Hot outside the house, hot inside the house. Somewhere on the water meant cool. So I chose Ricky Point, that little obscure “is it a park or is it not?” spot at the very east end of Tomahawk Island in the Columbia River.

And it was a good choice. After snagging a burrito at Acapulco Grill on N Lombard St at Albina Ave, I hightailed it to the quasi-park, and had just minutes to spare before the sun sank below the West Hills. Everything was perfect: Ricky Point was near deserted (there were a few people down on the sandy beach), the breeze kicked in, cooling things down, boats plied the Columbia River, Mount Hood loomed over everything in the dying light, KMHD played Mississippi John Hurt, and yes, that burrito was good.

I hung out until 10 pm, before the moon rose. (I hoped to be down here on Saturday when it was the full moon, but a backyard barbecue kept me from going.) Then I high-tailed it home through the quiet backways in North Portland.


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