A summer’s ramble

It’s been a fairly quiet time ’round this blog. I’ve been occupied with work, and haven’t had much in the way of adventures. And summer is now in full swing, with ample sunshine and warmth until…oh, September. While this is generally a good thing, it’s actually been a bit hot, and is going to get even hotter over the weekend, with temps in the mid 90’s to 100. And we’re actually going to get some humidity with all that too. Not anything comparable to what I experienced growing up in the East, but enough that we might see a thunderstorm at one point. Enough that I feel like taking two showers a day.

Still, I had free time on Wednesday so I decided to do a little ramble. I had a few ideas, but when the morning came, I decided on a fairly easy one: head north to the Columbia, then east along Marine Drive, turn south by 205, hit up Rocky Butte, and head home. Nothing too mind-blowing, nothing out of the ordinary (though I did discover a nice informal path along the levee just east of I-5), but still good.

I love Rocky Butte and never get up there enough. The best time to head up is on a clear day when you can see most everything, and Wednesday was a clear enough to see all five volcanoes: Hood, St. Helens, Adams, Rainier, and Jefferson. Mind you, I didn’t see all five at the same time (at best, you can see four at the same time), and you can only see three from Rocky Butte. But it’s still nice, and I don’t know of another American city where you can see five snowcapped volcanoes. (Correct me if I’m wrong.) While it was another warm day Wednesday (mid-80s), Rocky Butte provides just enough shade with its trees on the south end, so one can stay up top for hours without worrying about getting fried. I managed to stay up for about an hour, possibly the longest time spent up there in quite a while.

I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking, but my route can be viewed over on RideWithGPS.

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  1. Hi, that looks like a nice ride. I live in SE CT near the shore so I don’t see a lot of mountains, just rolling hills and a lot of different terrain.
    A CT Cyclist

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