Report: Bike Camp Cookout, 29 June 2014

Well, that was good! After the mostly-failure of my first attempt at a Bike Camp Cookout, it was nice to see this one do so well. We had good weather and twelve people (including Hugh and Evan, in town from SoCal) in attendance. We met at the New Seasons on Hawthorne. From there we rode about three miles up and around Mount Tabor* to the NE corner where we secured a picnic table. (We attended to snag the picnic area over here, but it was already being used.)

Once there, we all got to work. Most people who were cooking had some version of a Trangia stove, though Vince amazed us with the flames jumping out of his Coleman Peak 1. (Thankfully, no white gas flareups.) Andy made some fajitas, Ryan pasta, Vince pasta fagioli, and I made some vegan sausage and peppers. Other snacks were consumed, like blueberries (in season!), chocolate, and cheese.

We hung out, eating, drinking, and talking, for a couple hours. Soon, it was time to depart. Andy took a whole gaggle of folk southward towards “Milwaukie”, whereas Ryan and myself headed for northern locations.

I’m glad this was a success. I hope to do a couple more before summer ends. Hope you can join us next time.

*Somewhere atop the mountain we lost Whiskey Kelly. If anyone has any word about her whereabouts, please get in touch.


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