Pedalpalooza 2014 wrap-up? Yeah, pretty much so.

Subtitled: My least active Pedalpalooza ever (well, besides the year I was out of town.)

Well, Pedalpalooza is almost over for everyone, but it’s been pretty much over for me for awhile. Why? I don’t know, lack of enthusiasm and energy, other stuff happening, work. And sickness. Yep, mid-way through last week I got pretty sick. It came on strong and knocked me cold for a couple days, until it morphed into just a bad cold. Y’know, not the garden variety “oh I’m achy and tired for a few days, then sniffling for a week.”. Nope, one of those colds you get every few years that almost feels like the flu for a moment. Anyways, I’m still recovering from said flu cold, I got that death cough and my head feels like it’s underwater. So, the cold killed what little energy and enthusiasm that I still had.

So, what did I end up doing? Basically, the stuff I was leading.

  • Tuesday June 17: I led 13 folks from the Cleveland Ave MAX station in Gresham the 12 miles down into the Sandy River Gorge to Oxbow Regional Park for the Midweek Camping Ride. It was a damp start, but cleared up as we started to ride. No major incidents to report, and everyone had a great time hangin’ ’round the fire that night. The campsites at Oxbow are great, nice and wooded and separated from each other. Of course, there is that 1.3 mile climb getting out of the park, but…
  • Wednesday June 18: This was supposed to be the night of my Bike Camp Cookout, but right after I got home from camping and right before departing for the ride start location, the Death Cold hit me. I almost didn’t go to the start (especially since I was nauseous and in no mood to eat food, let alone cook it) but did out of a sense of duty. So I don’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing that basically no one showed up. (Thanks Brad and Kim for coming all the way up from Little Pink for this.) I was bummed that the turnout was bad, especially since it’s a new event, especially since the event got some good attention. But I was in no mood to entertain. We hit Kenton Park for a bit, they cooked while I managed to eat a little food.
  • Sunday June 22: I had a back-up plan in place in case I couldn’t make it, but thankfully I had enough energy to pull off the Three Speed Ride. It went well, 13 in attendance. Full report on the sister blog, Society of Three Speeds.

And that’s pretty much it until the end of Pedalpalooza. No wait…the (formerly Multnomah County) Bike Fair is on Saturday, so I should swing by it, especially since it’s the 10th anniversary of The Sprockettes. Now I need to get out my pink and black…


One thought on “Pedalpalooza 2014 wrap-up? Yeah, pretty much so.

  1. I hope you are feeling better. I’ve heard of Pedalpalooza for years and thought it must be an amazing cultural event. I can’t think of many other citywide happenings that have constant activities for three straight weeks. It must be a lot to organize.

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