A week and a half into Pedalpalooza 2014

Hello all. I don’t do as many Pedalpalooza updates as I should. It’s the nature of the event: so much going on over the course of 3 1/2 weeks that it’s hard to find the time to stop and blog. It’s almost as if it’s more made for tweeting or something.

But honestly, I haven’t been that busy with Pedalpalooza this year. Part of it is that my “regular” life has been pretty busy. Part of it is that I haven’t found a heck of a lot of rides that grab my attention, and even if they do, they have to fit into my schedule. Part of it is because I’m doing my own events, and lately all my events turn into all-day (or multiple day) affairs. And lastly, part of it is that I’ve felt sick and worn down the last few days, which doesn’t give me much impetus to go out and ride besides what I need to do to get to/from work.

Despite all that, I managed to do some stuff. So here goes the brief update:

  • Thursday June 5: I started my day with the very first event on the calendar, the Sunrise Coffee Club I was leading to Powell Butte. Andy, Chris, and myself bush camped on said butte overnight Wednesday, prepared to be the only people to show up. We were surprised to have three more join us around 5 am! This is pretty damn good for an event I had only posted 36 hours before it happened, at a location on the far east perhipery of Portland. A good way to start off Pedalpalooza.14350666322_d190c564d2_b
  • Later that same day, I stopped by Velo Cult to pick up a copy of the new Cycling Sojourner: Washington book that Ellee Thalheimer just released. The Kickoff Parade ended up here, as well, so does this count for participation?
  • Saturday June 7: My first “full” ride of the fest, the Country Bike Ramble, an Urban Adventure League classic. We had 13 riders and we traversed the byways, lesser known paths, and rough stuff of upper/outer NE and North Portland. 25 miles total and no one broke their bikes like they did last year. (I did manage to get a flat, though.) We had a break half-way for food and libations.14364668316_20d4cacb49_b
  • After the ride I stopped by Gladys Bikes on NE Alberta for their grand re-opening.
  • Sunday June 8: I took a tour with Michael Anderson of Bikeportland and about 25 other folks of Bizzaro (NE/SE) 122nd Ave, East Portland’s primary north-south artery. We talked about what it means for the suburbanized east fringes and how it could be made better.
  • Tuesday June 10: Having a lack of energy to attend the “big” ride of the night, I went home, made some burritos, posted that the Sunrise Burrito Club would be happening shortly, and rode over to “the spot” on the Willamette Blvd. Horseshoe. No one but me showed (not like I was really expecting anyone to,) but it was just what I needed.
  • Thursday June 12: The annual Midweek Columbia Gorge Ride! And this year I had my old co-leader Ian back. A total of 14 folks started in Gresham, and we rode the 11 miles to the top of Crown Point. The rain was a’coming, and to avoid repeating the disaster of last year, we turned around here and got to McMenamins Edgefield before it came down. And we managed to ride it out there  for the two hours of good rain. (Beer helped.) After Edgefield the group split up, and I ended up riding the whole way back home, making it a 40 mile day for me.

And…that’s it. I’ve felt pretty blah since getting home from the Gorge. I don’t know if it’s sickness or fatigue, but I’ve been trying to catch up on my rest, which has meant no other rides. This week promises a few good ones, including two events I’m leading: the Midweek Camping to Oxbow on Tuesday night, and the Bike Camping Cookout on Wednesday.

Hope you fine folk are having fun out there!


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