Heading out to Pepin…

Hello friends. My life has been spent inside a blender the past few days. Work has been hectic, and I am getting to leave town today (that be Wednesday May 14th.) Yep, I’ll be heading out on Amtrak’s Empire Builder to Minneapolis-St Paul. The big reason is to partake in the annual Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour this weekend. I’ve been intrigued by the ride since I heard about it in 2005, and have been wanting to attend the past few years, but this will be the first year I can actually go. You know I’m excited!

After the ride, I’ll be spending several days in Minneapolis, aka Portland Midwest, until I board the westbound Empire Builder on Thursday May 27. I wish I could stay longer, but alas.

In preparation, there has been a lot of stuff done to the beloved Raleigh Wayfarer, stuff that is too extensive to list right now, and besides I’m about to collapse from the exhaustion of the day, so it’ll wait. I’ll say for now that a few of the changes would probably make a “Three Speed Purist” give me grief, but I don’t care. I will say that the bike looks very very nice right now.

I don’t have too much time to write right now. I will say that Saturday’s Three Speed Ride went smashingly well, and I hope to have a write-up soon. And I will try to send some dispatches from the road, but with a li’l smartphone, it won’t be the easiest. (Note to self: Need to get a tablet.)

See you soon!

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  1. My Quickbeam conversion isn’t exactly a purist’s dream, but I hope to get points for having my heart in the right place. Safe travels, Shawn, we’ll see you in Red Wing!

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