Sunset Burrito Club, Thurs 1 May

Sunset burrito club, Thursday May 1st, 2014. It got to 89F/32C in Portland, damn hot, especially for May 1st. Still, I wished it hit 90, just to say it hit 90. I rode over to the “usual” Sunset burrito spot, the unnamed park/not a park on the “Horseshoe” of N Willamette Blvd, on the bluff.

I rode the Crested Butte with the giant basket, wearing a long-sleeve linen shirt, sandals, and straw fedora, while bringing the radio that was tuned to 89.1/KMHD Jazz radio. Have I become an old man? Oh well.

The burrito from La Bonita was good, along with the Sierra Nevada to wash it down. I watched the sun set over the West Hills around 8 pm, while the wind kicked up and things cooled down.

As the dark descended I noticed the solid red lights atop the BN rail bridge and the blinking red lights atop the towers of the St Johns Bridge (which I just crossed yesterday.) I saw welding from across the Willamette at the barge-building facility, where I saw a barge get launched in 2011. I heard the clamor and banging below me, whether it be the Union Pacific freights or other industry located on Swan Island or Mocks Bottom.

All in all, a good sunset.


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