More tweaks to the Crested Butte

The followers of this blog (all three of you) may remember that last month I decided to try out the CST Metropolitan Palm Bay tires on the Crested Butte. I loved the look, I loved the fatness, but realized they were just too damn fat for this bike. So last week I picked up another... Continue Reading →

National Train Day Ride: Saturday 10 May

Hello folks! It's getting to be that time of year again, time for the National Train Day Ride! I had scads of fun co-leading this thing last year. And once again I'm co-leading with Dan from Cafe Unknown and Sir Andrew. It's going to be shorter this year, and loop around the central city. Here... Continue Reading →

Bizzy bizzy bizzy

Yes, it's been a quiet week n' a half on Ye Olde Blog. But my life has been anything but quiet. I've been so busy that I haven't had a good chance to blog. So here's a quick run-down on things that have happened since the last time I spoke with youse. I never did... Continue Reading →

Lucky 13

April 4. The anniversary of the date I moved to Portland, April 4, 2001. Thirteen years, wow. Since I'm turning thirty-nine this year, this means I have lived in Portland one-third of my life, and if you consider yourself an adult at age eighteen, I've lived in Portland for the majority of my adult years.... Continue Reading →

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