country bike ramble

Mount Tabor Mini Ramble, Sunday 6 April

Spring is here, the days are getting longer, and I’m getting the itch. It’s been a little while since I’ve done an urban bike ramble, so it’s time.

But this one is a little different. Rather than the more standard ramble of 20-40 miles, this is a mini ramble. Why “mini”? Well, the International Governing Organization of Rambles (IGOR for short) declares that a “true” ramble has to be at least 16 kilometeres in length. (For those who don’t live under the burden of the Metric system, that’s 10 miles.) And why 16 km? That’s the distance Jan Heine rides to go from his bed to the bathroom in the morning. So in order to get your name in the Big Book of Rambles, this ramble has to be above 16 km. (It is reputed that this Big Book lives on the back of Manny’s toilet somewhere in the Bay Area.)

But a mini-ramble ain’t nothing to sneeze at. (Unless you are Jan Heine, of course.) It’s a good way to explore a certain area in more detail. And this mini-ramble will explore one of my favorite districts in Portland, the Mount Tabor area. There’s plenty of nooks and crannies, hidden vistas, and unpaved roads to satisfy all your rambling urges. And of course, there is elevation to be thrown into the mix.

Meet at Montavilla Park, NE 82nd Ave and Glisan St, at 4 pm on Sunday April 6. We’ll be meeting at or near the covered picnic area on the Glisan side of the park. At 4:30 pm we depart for the ramble. Be prepared for a mix of paved and unpaved, flat and unflat, etc. But you will be rewarded by some nice scenery and weird shit. At the end of the ride we’ll retire to the Montavilla district where we can have dinner and enjoy adult beverages, if that’s your thing.

Ride not a loop.

Hope to see you there!

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