Sunrise Coffee Club: Ricky Point, Wednesday 12 March

Well, I scrapped this ride last time (Feb 6) due to high winds. But this Wednesday looks good: probably a low of 35F and a wind around 5 mph. It’ll probably be stronger by the water, but as someone once said, “That’s what Stormcookers are for.” And it’s supposed to be clear, so a nice sunrise over the Columbia and Mount Hood!

The destination: Ricky Point, a very obscure park at the very east end of Tomahawk/Hayden Island in the mighty mighty Columbia. Don’t get it confused with Rocky Point, and don’t bother googling it. You can read the ride report from the ramble I did there in January for more info.

Meet at Expo Center (Yellow Line) MAX station at 6:45 am on Thursday February 6 for a 2.5 mile ride to Ricky Point. Last Yellow Line to arrive at Expo Ctr on time departs Union Station at 6:18 am and departs Rose Qtr. at 6:24 am. Ride route link is here.

Yes, you can just ride straight to Ricky Point, but if you get lost/confused easy, it’s probably better to meet me at Expo Ctr. at 6:45 am.

Sunrise on Wednesday 12 March is 7:29 am.

PLEASE NOTE: Fall back option is Lotus Isle Park, at about 1 1/2 miles from the MAX on Tomahawk Island Drive. We pass by the park on the way to Ricky Point. Lotus Isle Park is a bit more sheltered, but the sunset may not be as spectacular.

See you Wednesday!

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