The Return of the Wayfarer 2: Electric Boogaloo

Society Of Three Speeds

2014-03-09 15.56.19One of the best things about Saturday’s Three Speed Ride was it was the first time I had ridden my Raleigh Wayfarer in weeks. Yes! I know! The Presidente not riding a three speed for so long. And astute readers of this blog (all three of you) may be feeling a sense of deja vu, as I just posted a month ago about my lack of Raleigh riding and promises to ride it more.

Well, shortly after that last post, I got a flat again, this time on the front wheel. I knew that the Schwalbe Delta Cruisers were getting long in the tooth and I had plans of getting new tires. But I was hoping to wait until the secret “Wayfarer 2.0” project was to begin. It now became clear that the Delta Cruisers were past the point of no return, and if I was going to ride this…

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5 thoughts on “The Return of the Wayfarer 2: Electric Boogaloo

  1. Hey! While I’ve never tried the CdlV in 650A, I did have a pair of them in 650B for a while. They were the “cheap” option in that size. I found that I could run them with a bit more pressure than the sidewall indicated, which is 50psi. Since I’m a little more, ahem, rotund than most, I opted to pump the rear up to about 55 – 60psi and the front up to 50.

  2. A ride comparison of the tires should be interesting. Tire life is another question, but the Col de v.. do look cool.

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