Ride Report: Three Speed Ride, 8 March 2014

The report from the first Three Speed Ride of 2014!

Society Of Three Speeds

13022494293_762e27477d_c“Well, it is March, you know.”

I know Rick’s words were supposed to comfort, as we huddled under the bridge at Woodlawn Park, watching the rain come down. But I was hoping it wasn’t going to be like this. And I had reason behind my hope: 48 hours earlier the Saturday forecast was partly sunny, high 65F/18C, with rain coming sometime in the evening. But the weather forecast revised itself several times over in that 48 hours, until we got what we were seeing: rain, light to moderate, with heavier rain in the evening. Our best hope was to be done before it really starts dumping.

With the dismal forecast, I was really surprised that we had as many takers as we did: ten total, some familiar faces, some new faces (including a few new members.) There would have been an eleventh, but he showed up on a light road…

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One thought on “Ride Report: Three Speed Ride, 8 March 2014

  1. Nice effort for each of you that ventured into the soggy elements! I enjoyed the photos.

    With the promise of good weather, three of us are planning a little picnic and brew-up excursion to the lake today.

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