Reminder: Three Speed Ride Saturday 8 March!

Yep, it’s less than 48 hours away!

Society Of Three Speeds

Hello friends and fiends. It’s barely two days until the inaugural Three Speed Ride of 2014! Hope you are excited. I sure am.

And the weather looks like it will be on our side, mostly, hopefully. This week has been quite rainy in these parts, but it’s supposed to remain dry until Saturday evening. And how about the high temperature: 65F/18C! The highest temperature for 2014 so far! But don’t throw caution to the wind, it’s still advisable to bring your old waxed cotton rain cape (the one that smells like burnt crayon) “just in case”.

Here are some important things to note about this ride. Please read, especially if you have never been on this ride before:

  • Please bring your three speed (duh!) But don’t worry if you don’t have one, “ride what you brung”. If you have an option between a performance bike and a non-performance bike, go…

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In the mail

I get a “shout-out” from Nicholas on his latest blog post.

gypsy by trade

NicholasCarman1 1409

A kitchen and a mailbox are perhaps the greatest features of living in town.  A bed is overrated, as is multiple bike ownership.  Jobs are alright, for a time.  

In the past few weeks, I’ve been lucky to receive many interesting things in the mail, including correspondences from old friends, kind offers from new friends, and a few items ordered from faraway.  Somehow, I’m swimming in stickers.  

NicholasCarman1 1421


From Portland, OR

A friend in Portland sent a handwritten letter with updates.  We talk about new bikes, old bikes, and bike trips, mostly.  Shawn Granton is the illustrative genius behind many notable comix and zines related to bicycles, Portland, and travel.  He’s the guy behind the Urban Adventure League blog, the Zinester’s Guide to Portland, and the Bicycle Touring Primer.  He has also crafted many illustrations for local Portland bicycle events, and is a regular contributor…

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