Three Speed Ride, Saturday 8 March, plus the next ride!

Here’s the lowdown on the upcoming Three Speed Ride here in Portland, posted on our “sister” blog.

Society Of Three Speeds

Hello friends of Three Speeds. I did mention this here before, but I figure that I should reiterate that the first Three Speed Ride of 2014 is just two short weeks away!

The Three Speed Ride will be on Saturday March 8, 2014. Meet at 11 am at Woodlawn Park (under the bridge). Woodlawn Park is on NE Dekum just west of 13th Ave. Click here for a map.

This ride will be about 12 miles in length over flat to moderate terrain.I may throw in a small hill or two, but remember, it’s okay to walk it! And as per the “Rough Stuff” tradition, there will be some off-road (read: dirt) sections, paths, cut-throughs, and other stuff thrown in that you probably didn’t know existed. Be prepared for adventure!

Somewhere between halfway and the end we’ll have a break for snacks and beverages in a park like setting. Bring…

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