Tube vending machines: Great idea, but…

The Green Zebra Market up on N Lombard and Peninsular has a bike fix-it station, which is great. And there is the tube vending machine, which is also a great concept. The problem is, with only five slots, those slots have to be the most common/"popular" tire/tube sizes. Out of my three regular bikes, only one would be able to use the tubes out of here: my Raleigh Crested Butte (26"x 2.0"). My 700C bike, the Bridgestone XO-3 uses 42mm wide tires, and the widest tube size here is 32mm. And my Raleigh Wayfarer is the old oddball 650A/26"x 1 3/8"/590mm size, which would probably only be found if this machine had like 15 slots (if at all). This is a reason why I always carry a spare tube with all my bikes, in addition to a patch kit.


4 thoughts on “Tube vending machines: Great idea, but…

  1. Not to pick a fight, but it’s fine using a narrow tube for a wider tire, get the diameter correct and you are good to roll. Maybe putting a 700×23 in a 700×43 or bigger might be stretching it, but it would still work okay.

    I can’t see, but are the two 26″ the same size and one is presta and the other is schrader, or did they only offer one valve type and two sizes? What about 700/27″ schrader?

    Yes, always carry a patch kit and a valve adapter.


    • No, pick a fight! It makes blogs more interesting! 😉

      The two 26″ tubes were the same size, just different valve. I always carry a valve adapter on my Presta tube bike, just in case. I just keep it on the valve.

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