Pre spring cleaning sale: Carradice, Carradice-esque, wool bike shorts, touring shoes, frame pump.

UPDATE 9 Feb: Everything has been SOLD. This post will be up here for a few days, then will come down.

Carradice Pendle saddlebag. 30cm wide x 18cm high x 15cm deep, made of cotton duck. Full info on this model hereI’ve had this bag for six years, and it looks to be made in the 2000s. Shows obvious signs of wear and fading, but everything works and is structurally sound. There’s small holes on the corner of the flap on the small pockets. Haven’t had issues with water getting into the bag, but it wouldn’t hurt to reproof/rewax the bag at some point. $60  (UPDATE: Sold.)

Ibex Duo wool/blend bike shorts, black, size XL. Classic looking wool bike shorts. Wore them maybe a half-dozen times, tops. Apparently Ibex doesn’t make these anymore, but full info can be found here. $60 NOW $50  (UPDATE: Sold.)

Exustar Touring Shoes, size 10.5 US/44 EUR. Classic looking black leather bike shoes, with the ability to work with clipless pedals, if that’s your thing. Wore them once and realize they are just too narrow for my wide feet. $40 NOW $35 (UPDATE: Sold.)

Topeak Road Master Blaster Frame Pump. Size Large, 530mm. Your traditional-style frame pump. The rubber is a bit chewed up near the head of the pump, otherwisep functional. $10 (UPDATE: Sold.)

Origin 8 Classique Saddlebag. Measures 14″x8″x6″. Very much looks like a Carradice Nelson saddlebag, and pretty much the same size as a Nelson (non-longflap), but made with lesser quality components/materials. The rings on the top flap (where one could put straps through for a rain cape or the like) are plastic. 80/20 synthetic blend (poly/nylon). Thinner leather than a Carradice. Made in China. Basically, get this bag if you want the look and function of a classic Carradice bag, but don’t want to pay the price. $15 (UPDATE: Sold.)

Funky saddlebag. I know absolutely nothing about who made this bag, as I picked it up secondhand. I’m guessing it was someone’s homebrew attempt at making a Carradice-like saddlebag. Appears to be waxed canvas, but thinner than what you’d find on a Carradice. Leather straps thinner, too. Wooden dowel is not attached to bag. Left side outside pocket flap sewn on backwards. Light brown in color. Measures 11“x9“x7“. $10  (UPDATE: sold.)




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