Bike Overnight: Battle Ground Lake, 25-26 February 2014

Remember in January I attempted to partake in the "s24o a month club"? Yeah, we all know how that turned out. (Answer: It didn't.) But I still had hopes of doing as many overnight bike camping trips in 2014, and really hoped I could pull something off in February. And originally this was going to... Continue Reading →

Bridgestone XO-3: Current Status

Hello there, friends. It's been awhile since I've talked at length about any of my bikes. And why not talk about my 1992 Bridgestone XO-3? I'll have had it for a year in April, and since then I've changed a lot of bits a number of times. Right now it's morphed into a daily driver/"road"ish... Continue Reading →

File under: Sub-optimal portaging.

File under: Sub-optimal portaging., a photo by urbanadventureleaguepdx on Flickr. The Crested Butte would have been the better choice to carry this box to the post office, but right now it's out of commission. So I shoved the box into the Camper Longflap on the XO-3. It sorta fit, but I couldn't strap it. So... Continue Reading →

Halfway through Letter Writing Month.

And we're still in the midst of Letter Writing Month! A good haul this week, with letters from such exciting and exotic places as Singapore, Denmark, Canada, and Kansas City. You can still participate! Write me and I'll write you back: Shawn Granton, P O Box 14185, Portland Oregon 97293-0185, Cascadia.

Emotional Weather Report

Let's face it: Winter is a tough time. I appreciate the milder, wetter winters of the Pacific Northwest vs. the colder, snowier, saltier winters of the Northeast. And I'm not one to be affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder, at least that much, but I do admit that sometime winter can get to me. While the... Continue Reading →

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