460 49th Street, Oakland California.

It feels like another lifetime, but I used to live in that house in the middle, albeit very briefly. It was my first Bay Area residence, from August to September, 2000. I moved out so fast because my crazy roommate squandered the rent money for her “personal needs.” I didn’t spend much more time in Oakland, leaving in March of 2001. Wandering through the old neighborhood brings back some memories, not necessarily good ones. But the past is the past.

4 thoughts on “460 49th Street, Oakland California.”

  1. I lived at Telegraph and 59th across from the lectric washouse from 96-98. I lived in emeryville when you were all cool in Temescal, I think, but left the bay area for good in october of that year. If I am not mistaken that 49th st adress should be pretty hot property about now.

    1. It was a fairly hot property then, too, but I was most interested in the amount of cartoonists in the hood. Dan Clowes supposedly lived a few blocks down 49th. The neighborhood has definitely seen its share of gentrification now, but there still are some old businesses.

  2. Funny you mention cartoonists, I think I went to a garage sale at Lloyd Dangle’s house not too far from Temescal square. It was weird, I just can’t remember any other details. Maybe piles of his old comics and lots of clothes? I had no idea that Clowes lived there.

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