Seattle trip update.

It's Wednesday night as my thumb hits a pretend keyboard on a smartphone. Just finished up two eventful and fun days in Seattle. The weather has been ok, mostly cloudy with some drizzle, high around 45F. Tuesday I hooked up with Robert/Spiral Cage and we had a fun ramble round the reaches of the city,... Continue Reading →

Bikeasaurus bids farewell in February

So sad. I’ve sold stuff through Becky/Bikeasaurus over the years. She was always great to work with. Sorry to see such a valuable Portland bike culture resource shut its doors. Best of luck in your future endeavors, Becky!


BIKEASAURUS will sadly be closing its doors at the end of January. After 3.5 years we’ve decided it’s best to close up shop, as sales aren’t what they should be.
We are feeling grateful to the amazing and supportive Portland bike community. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you through your visits to the store and participation in local events over the years.
Thank you for your collaboration in making Portland’s bike community more fun and accessorized!


All of January will be a close-out sale, so please stop by and stock up on discounted bike accessories and gifts! This Friday, January 3, will be our final First Friday art show, featuring photography work by Martin Peters. Stay tuned for news of a Farewell Party later in the month.

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