Goodbye, Bay Area.

It was a mostly fun three day experience, and I got to do a lot and see some cool folk. (Unfortunately never got a chance to hang out with The Peach.) And I didn't let a little cold slow me down. While it would be nice to have a bit more time, there are some... Continue Reading →

460 49th Street, Oakland California.

It feels like another lifetime, but I used to live in that house in the middle, albeit very briefly. It was my first Bay Area residence, from August to September, 2000. I moved out so fast because my crazy roommate squandered the rent money for her "personal needs." I didn't spend much more time in... Continue Reading →

Quick Bay Area trip update.

Well it's Tuesday morning and I'n taking BART yo the East Bay, Walnut Creek to be exact. (Astute readers can probably figure out why.) Anyways, finished up a decent first day in the Bay Area. Amtrak deposited me into Oakland around 8:30 am, and after readying the bike (and fixing a flat) I was on... Continue Reading →

Please explain, Amtrak.

This open area is in the lower level of my coach car. No seats in here, and not closed off. People are storing their unchecked luggage in here. Perfect space unboxed bike. But they would raise hell if I wheeled in here. Instead I have to box my bike, which costs $25, box and... Continue Reading →

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